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Advanced Marketing Folder


Everything included in Beginner folder, but with additional product photos to help push the retail side of your business


Advanced Marketing Folder

Take the next step in your business’ social media content journey by purchasing the Naturawhite Advanced Marketing Folder, upgrading from our Beginner Marketing Folder.

Access much more professional HD content, such as our exclusive salon images and Instagram story-ready videos.

Get sharing our exclusive social media content and start maximising your profits today!

The Advanced Marketing Folder contains:

  • Before and After teeth photographs without logo
  • Additional professional appointment photographs
  • Professional Salon photographs x 3
  • Professional videos of Platinum Whitening Toothpaste x 6
  • Professional photos of our bestselling toothpastes
  • Advanced USB Whitening Kit product photographs
  • Advanced USB Whitening Kit model photographs x 10
  • Home Kit model and product photographs and videos
  • Additional Professional Product photographs

To get some inspiration on how to post on social media, take a peak at Naturawhite’s Instagram.

Upgrade to our Premium Marketing Folder for unlimited content.