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Naturawhite Mouth Trays x 10


Naturawhite Teeth Whitening Mouth Trays

  • Revolutionary designed by a leading orthodontist
  • Soft, pliable design moulds to the customers mouth
  • Sterile – no need to boil or heat up
  • Exclusive to Naturawhite, the UK’s leading teeth whitening company

Naturawhite teeth whitening Mouth Trays are the perfect buy for trade shoppers. A crucial part of the laser teeth whitening process, these mouth trays offer a comfortable experience for your customers. Helping you provide the best teeth whitening in your local area.

How to use Teeth Whitening Mouth Trays

Designed with comfort and full mouth coverage in mind, these moulds are soft and pliable to fit the customer’s mouth with minimum intrusion. Simply open the packet when the customer is ready. Apply the teeth whitening gel and ask the customer to insert the mouth tray.

What to Expect

The teeth whitening mouth trays will arrive sterilised and ready to use – no need to boil or excessively wash. Each tray is individually wrapped.

Set of 10 Mouth Trays will arrive.

Additional Information

Each mouth tray is for single use only. 

Only suitable for over 18s.

Mouth Trays Frequently Bought With 

Naturawhite Whitening Gels (EU/USA)

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