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Activation Mini Sprays (Pack of 5: 4.5ml each)


Designed to maximise results, this pack offers five mini-sized sprays, one use per customer.


Naturawhite Whitening Activation Mini Sprays are perfect for our trade customers. A key part of the whitening process, this product is ideally used in conjunction with Naturawhite Whitening Wipes.

How It Works

The activation sprays are designed to protect, cleanse and exfoliate teeth prior to whitening. Use of the activation spray will ensure the best possible results for your customers.

What to Expect

This product is suited for people with sensitive teeth. The spray is used by customers early in the process, prior to using a Naturawhite light, and ensures a safe and effective whitening session. 

Additional Information

This product is clinically tested, Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Contains 5 x 4.5ml activation sprays.

Only suitable for over 18s.

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