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Self-Service Bundle with 30 Gels


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Self-Service Bundle

Naturawhite’s brand-new Self-Service Bundle includes a Self-Service Customer Box and Step by Step Instructional Video.  Ensure you provide the complete self-service experience for your customers.

Self-Service Customer Box

Naturawhite’s Self-Service Boxes comply with legal standards, making life easier for you. Simply pop all of your products into the spaces provided and place the box on a trolley or table, ready for your customer to use. Perfectly moulded for everything needed for a cosmetic teeth whitening appointment, complying with legal GDC standards. The light, stylish box is available in black and does not arrive pre-filled.

Naturawhite: making the ease of self-service even easier.

The Box Includes Spaces for:

  • Naturawhite Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Naturascrub 
  • Naturawhite Activation Spray 
  • Naturawhite Mouth Tray 
  • BluForsa Formula Gel 
  • Laser Light Remote 
  • Step by step simplified instructions

Customer Gels

With Naturawhite’s enhanced BluForsa Formula, our teeth whitening gels are the FASTEST and STRONGEST on the market. Get dramatic results – lightening teeth up to 16 shades whiter within 15-60 minutes. Designed for sensitive teeth, vegan and cruelty free and pharmaceutically exclusive to Naturawhite.

Instructional Appointment Video

Naturawhite’s EXCLUSIVE Step by Step Instructional Video gives clear visual and spoken instructions to customers on the entire teeth whitening process, reassuring and relaxing them. The video also reminds customers that you are unable to give them aftercare advice. You can play the video to customers through a salon device or simply send the link to the customer to access themselves.

Once you have purchased your bundle, we will email you with the video link and password, exclusive to you.



Gel Size

3ml, 5ml